Day One or a thousand and one ways to discover the world!

Experiences you couldn’t imagine, memories you won’t forget, journeys you wouldn’t believe! Immerse yourself in the infinite world of DayOne!

Lead by a passion, the passion for travel, discovery and escapism, our team creates unique, personalized and unforgettable voyages for you and your beloved ones.


With us, you will Travel beyond your imagination.

Countries visited

Every DayOne team member travels at least once a year to discover new beautiful places for you. In total, the DayOne team has visited 120 countries.

Flights booked in 2017

The DayOne team booked in 2017 a total of 3400 flights for their clients. We fly the world!

Partner Hotels Worldwide

As a proud member agency of TravellerMade, we have over 750 partner hotels worldwide, as well as over 70 destination partners.